Leveraging Exponential Possibilities

We’re leveraging exponential technologies to unlock a better understanding of being human while doing digital. We need to be more human while doing digital. Become a full-stack digital business with empathy, compassion, caring and leveraging our human collective emotional and creative intelligence.

How we provide value to you

ExQ Assessments

Our assessments are customized to understand the immediate challenge of the individual or team and guide the appropriate lean learning offer.

ExoFutures Coaching

Our coaching guides individuals and teams through the complex journey of doing digital while being more human.

Micro Courses

The Entrepreneurial Brain is your framework for Democratising Entrepreneurship. Our micro-courses provide just in time lean learning within this framework. Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs alike want to learn continuously.

Continual learning requires more digestible, easier to consume nuggets of high impact content based on your frame of reference and the immediate
challenge at hand.


We're building disruptive learning communities of practice for Entrepreneurship/Intrapreneurship. Through communities of practice for Entrepreneurs / Intrapreneurs and providers of enabling services were building a tribe to help you succeed.

What We Do

Orchestrate disruption ecosystems

Our communities of practice orchestrate the ecosystems of training, coaching, modern practices, resources, solutions and like-minded people with shared values and objectives for the greater good and shared Massive Transformative Purpose.

NetworkSpace, Block 4, 1 Magalieszicht Avenue, Dunkeld West, Johannesburg, 2196, South Africa

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