Our Massive Transformative Purpose



We are democratising entrepreneurship while providing access to a community ecosystem, helping you succeed as Entrepreneurs and fulfil your purpose.

Learn to disrupt yourself, Network, Coach, Attend and Earn with
our Community of Entrepreneurs.

How we enable value for you

Free Masterclasses

Our virtual Masterclasses are unique.
We encourage everyone to participate and contribute. We share many tools and interactive resources.

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Our coaching guides individuals and teams through the complex journey of doing digital Entrepreneurship while being more human.

Micro Courses

The Entrepreneurial Brain is your framework for Democratising Entrepreneurship. Our micro-courses provide just in time lean learning within this framework.

Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs alike want to learn continuously but this approach requires more digestible, easier to consume nuggets of high impact content based on their frame of reference and the immediate challenge at hand.


Become a MasterEntrepreneur:
Our accreditation process is based on your participation and contribution to Democratising Entrepreneurship.

As an experienced Entrepreneur/Intrapreneur, coach, mentor, continual learner and teacher, you may give back and grow.

Learn to disrupt yourself, Network, Learn, Coach, Attend and Earn with our community of Entrepreneurs.


Our assessments are customized to understand the immediate challenge of the individual or team and guide the appropriate lean learning offer.

What We Do

The Entrepreneurial Brain is your framework for democratising entrepreneurship

We are building a community to Democratise Entrepreneurship, starting with a LinkedIn group, we’re building a framework to provide structure and an approach to developing the neural pathways necessary for effective Entrepreneurship and the development of the Entrepreneurial Brain through the dynamic states of Fear to Ascend and Pathways of continual learning.


See What Some Of Our Existing Community have to say...

..it was both a pleasure and a delight to join and participate in this tribe!
have been lucky to attend two of the webinars. Loved it. Could definitely identify with the "living passionately" idea and avoiding the "Happiness Vampires"! Very powerful to have the ATF framework as a take-away from the second session. The breakout sessions worked.

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